Tecnicomar Watermakers offer high build quality with many compact options suitable for restricted space or high output.

Sailor Compact Series

The Sailor Compact series is ideal for superyachts and vessels requesting a considerable quantity of fresh water.

High quality components offer great value for money. The standard supply includes a ready-to-install watermaker with manual pressure regulation and installation kit. On request, the system can be supplied with automatic membrane flushing.

Sailor Compact is available in two configurations: skid framed or modular with loose components in small sub-frames, the ideal choice for installations in tight spaces.

Essential 400

The Essential represent Tecnicomar’s basic version of reverse osmosis watermaker with production of 100 or 160 litres per hour, ideal for small boats. Simple configuration easy to use and maintain without electronic components. An automatic membrane flushing system is available as an option.

As Standard the watermaker is supplied assembled on powder coated solid light alloy frame but could be also provided in modular version with all components loose and installed on small sub-frames for an easier installations where spaces on board are restricted.

The membrane compartments are mounted on a small frame and could be installed on the wall with both versions.

The Essential is an economical solution available with different electrical voltages and frequencies on demand.

WETSS are experts in desalination requirements for offshore, commercial marine and land based applications, offering systems that provide high output with a flexible configuration footprint. Contact us today to discuss your desalination requirements, or for a range of membranes, service items and consumables.

Smartflush Watermaker Flush System

Exclusive to WETSS, the Smartflush helps you maintain your watermaker and keep it ready for use at a moment’s notice without having to preserve the membranes.

Watermakers and Reverse Osmosis membranes are susceptible to biological fouling if membranes are not preserved or if fresh water is not flushed through the system on a regular basis.

There is also a risk of low-oxygen corrosion of metal parts once the bacteria present decays.

The Smartflush maintains a regular fresh water flush cycle to help you avoid what could become costly repairs to your system. It includes a programmable timer to maintain a flushing schedule in order to keep the system and membrane in top condition ready for use and without the need for chemicals.


Programmable Flush Timer
Default setting of a seven minute flush every seven days but is easily adjusted to fit conditions

Dual Relays
Leaving a vessel’s fresh water pump on is a liability and can result in flooding. Smartflush’s dual relays turn on fresh water pump & then opens the solenoid to allow fresh water to flow through the system.

Optional SMS Controller
SEND a text message to command the flushing to commence.RECEIVE a text message to know when flushing starts or has completed.
Suits any watermaker from any manufacturer

Supplies fresh water to a bucket for chemical cleaning or preservation of membranes. Time and money can be saved by using land mains water and de-chlorinating it.

Big Blue Filter Housing & Radial Flow Carbon Filter
Removes chlorine from fresh water before it enters the watermaker – and avoids damage to reverse osmosis membranes.

Download a brochure for the Smartflush system